Sunday, February 13, 2011

On Another Note

I am very frustrated with my job search. I know I don't have a college education and only a little college experience, but I have a lot of professional experience and I'm very competent. Seriously, put me through a week of training and I can do almost anything office or customer service related. I've worked in a call center, I've worked at a hotel. I love conflict resolution. I love working on a computer. I even love data entry. Who the hell loves data entry?

I really need a job. My self-esteem sinks every day, no matter what I do, because of my unemployment. Why is that? Mostly because I have no friends and my life is online. I don't leave the house at all most days, and I never have the money to do the things I need to do, like buy clothes that actually fit or even buy toilet paper. I wish I qualified for a job where I could work from home, but for some reason, nobody has any faith in me. It's their loss. I guarantee I am an asset to any company that hires me.

Is it really networking? Because I have no friends, and no contacts. Ever since I moved to Washington in August of '08, I have been unemployed. I have no professional, only personal, references because almost everywhere I've worked has gone out of business (not my fault!) and everywhere else that is still in business was so long ago,  they don't even remember me. I know. I've tried.

I guess I just have to keep pushing.


  1. solider on. It's all that can be done until something better comes along. Then it'll be time to rejoice.

  2. My favorite job(s) ever involved serving. Restaurant work is fun, you get plenty of social outlet (which makes everything else in life just a little better, because having someone to talk to makes a huge difference) and, super dooper awesomeness, you get to take home money each night. No waiting for a paycheck! Plus, this is why I thrive there, you make more money the harder you work. I have an office job right now, and I wish I didn't. The monotony; it's endless. Hence the blogging... Everyone likes different things though, but it would be good for you emotionally I think to have that opportunity to meet people and work alongside others your age.