Thursday, November 3, 2011

What A Day!

I had a long day. I woke up around 8:30am, and headed to job club at Worksource. Job club is this kinda neat thing where all the people on TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) get together once a week for a workshop or just to discuss the obstacles in finding a job or to network, etc. It's kind of cool to commiserate with a bunch of people who know what you're going through. At least, in that aspect of your life.

At 11am, I had an appointment with my caseworker at my mental health clinic. That went really well. She seemed really supportive and nice. That was new. I usually think she's a sociopathic bitch, but that's not really fair of me, is it?

I came home after that to wait for a Very Important Phone Call.

My brother, after almost two years of no contact, was finally going to be released from the No Contact Order issued after a domestic violence dispute we had. I missed him so much. I made phone calls and looked for work while I waited. Finally, at 4pm, I got it. It was all over. I finally could see my brother again.

I saw him tonight, and it was all teasing, affection, and humor. Even a little adventure! Oh man.

My sister is coming for a visit in a couple weeks.

I'll have my family again.