Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I need to rant.

My ex's parents are terrible people.

They never pay their bills, so they get new phone numbers every 3 months or so. Or they'll wait til the service gets shut off, and they'll take out a payday loan in order to pay it. Same with their DirecTV.

Same with the rent. They never pay it. So they get evicted and start again somewhere else. They live in the same town, so I don't know how they get away with it. It is B.F.E Wyoming though, so I guess that's why, but gosh. The father makes a lot of money, so there is no excuse.

I have some debt. Mostly medical bills from getting my gallbladder out (no insurance) and student loans, but I do NOT live like these people.

They're just...terrible. I know that's why my ex doesn't pay child support without throwing a fit, even though he makes over $3k a month. In Wyoming. That's more than enough to live off of when you're a single dude. He just wasn't raised to be accountable.

Argh. I can't stand knowing people like that exist and live in such excess and waste, when I'm a good person and I work hard and I strive to improve myself and the world and I can barely get by.



  1. You come from the same school of thought as me. $3k is defiantly enough to be paying child support. Hell, a lot less is enough because at the end of the day-he should be looking after what he created. But you are right, his parents have raised him not to understand that so it's their bad as much as his.

    You should be proud of yourself, you sound like a great example for your child!

  2. This is the disscussion I had with my coworker:

    Integrity gets you nowhere, in life.
    But it sure helps you sleep a whole lot better at night.

    You're setting a great example. Keep your chin up. (:


  3. That is incredibly frustrating.

    I strongly dislike people like that as well. What poo heads.

    Cute blog by the way. =)