Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Drama queens on the internet.

There is someone on a message board I go on that is absolutely ridiculous. This person changes personality constantly, always deleting their account and then starting over. She always has the same shtick when she comes back: She has been holding onto private messages that prove some secret about another poster, but that poster has done something "unforgivable" and she is going to reveal that secret. It's always a new poster, and it's always the same routing whenever she comes back with a new account.

I know, I know. She's just trolling, right? That's where it gets weird. She gets so defensive and starts accusing others of misusing the message board and having some kind of reprehensible flaw (she accused me of being a bad mother because I go on message boards). I can handle internet trolls. I find most of them entertaining. But  there is something that is off about this one. I think she's legitimately ill.

It's very unfortunate. I hope she gets help.

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