Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Conflicting information annoys me.

When I signed up for the PE class I need to get credit for my degree, I was told that I could get credit for working out at my own gym. Fast forward to the first day of class, and guess what? I got a big, fat


I really hate that. Like, for real. I still have time to drop the class for a refund, but that sucks, you know? The school gym is over crowded and has shitty equipment. I pay $30 a month for my gym membership, so that's why I took the course in the first place.

I wish institutions would get their shit together and give me the same information all over the board.  I have this problem with DSHS too. That's Department of Social and Health Services. One social worker will tell me one thing, while the call center will tell me another, and I'd get yet another story from a different social worker. It's ridiculous. Why is it that the two arguably most important institutions in my life have to be so disorganized?

I can't stand it.

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