Thursday, March 10, 2011


I'm sick.

This makes the third day of massive migraines, nausea, and weakness, not to mention sheer exhaustion. I don't know what's wrong with me. I couldn't go to my book club meeting, so now I have to wait til next month. Sucks hardcore. I'm behind on training for the 5k, and that is so, so important to me. I WILL go today. I have to.

I kind of got upset today because my boyfriend didn't offer to come over and get me soup or tea or hot chocolate. He knows I'm sick. But you know what, it's okay. Maybe this is what he was talking about when he said he can't handle being in a relationship. You know, this whole "be there when your partner is sick" thing is a lot of work. I know, because I'm ALWAYS there for him when he's sick.


I have made a really great friend in someone who used to give me a lot of shit on IMDb. I'm so glad he's my friend. We're different enough where I see things from a different point of view, and similar enough to be able to laugh at the same things. I really appreciate him. I hope he knows how much I value his friendship.

I just want to say...I am a really loving, trustworthy person. Anyone who is reading this: whether or not we've ever spoken, or whatever history we may have, I am here for you. If you want a stranger's point of view, or if you want to get to know me better. This is an open invitation. Let me be your friend, and guide you through whatever you need help with. I know that sometimes I can't deal with things and I don't want to bother my usual friends with it. I am here. I will never betray you. I will never abandon you, or forget you. My friendship is unconditional.

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  1. Sucks that you're feeling sick, I'm currently having my ass kicked by allergies today. Blech.

    Hope things work out with your boyfriend, I fricken hate when men/women say that, thus why I'm going to fly solo for a good while.